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Welcome, Australian photographers!


Rent-a-Lens is an Australian business specializing in mail-order lens rentals across Australia for film and digital SLR cameras.

Rent lenses for your SLR camera through the mail! No need to spend thousands of dollars to buy lenses.

We offer Canon/Nikon Lenses in a variety of focal lengths. 



Rent a Lens is closed from 29/3/19 - 19/5/19.


No lenses will be send out in the period.


 Items for sale:

Canon EF 500mm f/4L IS - $4700

Canon Speedlite 580 EX II - $380


Why rent a lens?

Unless you have a very regular use for a lens, it’s often hard to justify its purchase. That super-fast, telephoto lens you’ve been eyeing may be appealing, but unless you regularly shoot sports or wildlife, you probably can’t rationalise the price. Lens rental, then, is a great solution for those special occasions when you need a lens, but can’t commit to an outright purchase.

Offering an extensive selection of Canon and Nikon lenses, Rent-a-Lens offer low prices, from $22 per week. Given that many photo stores charge this much for a weekend`s rental, the prices at Rent-a-Lens are very hard to beat.


Working photographers

  • Rent a special lens for a special photo event.
  • Put a second photographer on the shoot with a second lens.
  • Have a back-up lens during important assignments.
  • Equipment rental fees may be tax-deductible for your business.

Hobby photographers

  • Rent a lens for special photo occasions like trips, sports and weddings.
  • Enjoy using different, professional lenses for the cost of owning just one.
  • Try a lens before committing to buying one.
  • Always have the newest lens technology and never worry about obsolescence.

New camera owners

  • Advance past your camera`s kit lens without the expense of buying a new lens.
  • Experiment with different lenses and learn more about photography.
  • Discover the new creative photo opportunities of different lenses.
  • Learn your photographic style and decide what lens you want to own next.

How do I rent from Rent-a-Lens?

Complete the lens rental request form, provide your credit card details, and then wait for the delivery.

Standard lens rental periods are from 4 days - 4 weeks.

Custom rental periods can be arranged. Just contact us and we`ll do our best to accomodate you.

A pre-paid Australian air Express return shipping bag & label is included with your rental lens for easy return back to us.

Rent-a-Lens ship the lens via Startrack. Your lens will arrive in 1 to 3 days depending on your national locality. Your rental period begins on the day you sign for the delivery. It is your responsibility to ship the lens back on the last day of the rental period.

Lens rental is ideal for:

* Shooting with a lens that you only need on rare occasions - extremely wide angle, extreme telephoto, extremely fast.
* Shooting with specialty lenses such as fish-eyes and tilt/shift lenses.
* Evaluating a lens before buying. With Rent-a-Lens` low prices, it won’t add much to your final purchase price to give the lens a try for a week.