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Rental Agreement
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Rent-a-Lens Rental Agreement

This is a Rental Agreement between:

Business:        Rent-a-Lens
Hirer:              Person or Company renting the equipment

Having provided your Credit Card details and by clicking the submit button the hirer agrees to accept the terms and conditions of this agreement.


Agreement Acceptance
The acceptance of equipment by the Hirer, implies total acceptance of these terms and conditions, which cannot be changed, in part or whole, by any representative of Rent-a-Lens, expressed or implied.

Rent-a-Lens accepts no responsibility for the actions of the delivery service.
As a service benefit to the Hirer, Rent-a-Lens hire periods do not include the transit time for the delivery service, however the rental period will commence on confirmation by the delivery service that delivery has been made.

Please note: It is a general condition that the delivery address coincides with the address as verified by your credit card. However there may be circumstances where this is not possible for the Hirer. For these occasions prior arrangements can be made.

Rental Period Definition:

Week: A seven day period, termination occurring at the same day of the second week.

Month: A four-week period with termination occurring at the same day four weeks in advance.

Other periods can be multiple and/or combinations of the above subject to negotiation with Rent-a-Lens.

Availability of Lens
Rent-a-Lens will take every step to ensure that the information on the web site relating to lens availability is current, however there may be instances where there delays occur in the update of the database.

Equipment Orders
Rent-a-Lens will ship all non-reserved orders within 48 hrs of the placement of the order, subject to lens availability

Reserved Orders
Reserved Orders will require a minimum of 2 weeks notice prior to the required delivery date.
In the event of reserved orders Hirers must note that Rent-a-Lens will take every action to ensure that orders are delivered at the time specified in the order.
Additional telephone contact is advisable in the case of a critical requirement.

Return of Equipment
Should the Hirer fail to return the equipment, by the due date, without prior consent of Rent-a-Lens, the additional hire charge payable will be a 3 day hire for the equipment concerned for each overdue day.
Shipping charges will be charged to the Hirer. Rent-a-Lens cannot accept any liability, consequential or otherwise, for any delay in transit causing late arrival of any equipment.

Maintenance of Equipment
Rent-a-Lens deliver the equipment clean and in good working order. It is expected that the Hirer take all precautions in the care of the equipment. It is requested however, that if the Hirer attempt to clean the lens while in their hire only use appropriate lens tissue after cleaning with air blower.

Remember if you scratch the element(s) you are liable for the repair.

Cancellation of Booking
Cancellation of any booking must be made in writing and received by Rent-a-Lens no later than 24 hours prior to the dispatch of any booking. Failure to comply with this may involve the Hirer in a charge equal to 50% of the scheduled rental charges.  This will be entirely at the discretion of Rent-a-Lens.
It is the responsibility of the Hirer to request notice of time of dispatch.

Loss or Damage
Loss or damage to equipment is the responsibility of the Hirer and all cost incurred in the repair or replacement of damaged equipment.
The Hirer should check the equipment carefully as goods not returned as per the invoice will be deemed to be lost and the Hirer will be charged for the replacement of the goods. This will include items such as lens caps, hoods and lens boxes.
Incorrect entries on a rental invoice must be brought to the attention of Rent-a-Lens at the time of issue.

It is the best interest of the Hirer to ensure that rented equipment are insured against damage, whatever the circumstances. The Hirer may carry their own insurance or pay to Rent-a-Lens a premium of the equipments retail price with an excess(in the event of damage) of 10% of the equipments retail price. Under the latter circumstances Rent-a-Lens will waive its right to any further claim on the cost of repair or replacement of the equipment.
Failure by the Hirer to carry any form of insurance on the equipment will render them liable to the full repair or replacement cost.

Rent-a-Lens does not waive it’s right to recovery of any costs, including extended rental and legal costs, in the event of the Hirer failing to return the lens in the same condition as it was delivered to the Hirer. This includes the lens box and all ancillary items where applicable.

Use of the Equipment
It is assumed that the Hirer has sufficient skills and knowledge to operate the rented equipment correctly. The supply of instructional literature cannot be
guaranteed. It is the responsibility of the Hirer, to ensure the equipment being rented is suitable for the purpose intended.
The Hirer shall not take the equipment out of Australia, nor without the specific prior consent in writing of Rent-a-Lens, allow it to be used on any abnormal or hazardous assignments. The equipment is not to be transported in, or used in, helicopters or light aircraft without Rent-a-Lens’ specific written consent nor allows the equipment to be used in areas where it could be affected by salt water or atmospheric corrosion.
Rent-a-Lens shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by rental equipment, whether to the Hirer or the Hirer’s property or any other person, firm or corporation.
Rent-a-Lens’ liability if any, for furnishing the wrong or defective equipment to the Hirer is limited to a rebate of the rental charged.
The Hirer hereby indemnifies Rent-a-Lens from liability of any and all losses, damage, injuries, claims, demands and expenses of whatsoever kind of nature arising out of the use of the rented equipment.