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Rental Insurance
Can I pick up lenses in person?


Do you charge a deposit?

Not at this time, except on very expensive items (eg. 300mm f/2.8 and 500mm f/4) although to established customers and first time customers who are holding an ABN these lenses are available on a no deposit term.

We take some time to verify our customers are who they claim to be. Being photographers we trust photographers but we need to protect ourselves too.

Is the equipment in good condition?

All of our equipment are bought new and sold after approximately 2 years of rental use.
Before and after each rental we check each lens visually, test it for focus and sharpness, and take pictures with it. We guarantee the glass is clear, the lens works normally, the photos it takes are sharp. There may be internal dust in some lenses. If there is any effect on image quality the lens goes off for servicing, otherwise it remains in service.

What if I think something is wrong with the equipment when I start using it?

Email us (that’s usually the fastest response) and let us help you check it out first.
We inspect our equipment carefully and test it out before shipping, we can’t check every lens so closely that something like a bit of back-focusing or a slight out of calibration of the lens might not get by us. Very rarely the electronics on a lens becomes jarred or shaken during shipping and autofocus or image stabilization is dead on arrival. If this happens we will replace the lens immediately within the limitations of our stock. If time constraints prevent us getting a replacement to you (if you’re leaving for vacation for example) we will refund the rental price and shipping costs once we have verified that there is a problem.
If you ordered the wrong lens, don’t know how to use a certain type of lens, didn’t know the lens wouldn’t work with your camera, etc. we will work with you to get you something more suitable, but we will not be able to give you a complete refund.

What comes with the lens?

Each lens comes with front and rear caps and in a padded case. All L Canon lenses will have a hood included (non-L Canon lenses do not include a hood).

What comes with your order needs to come back: lens hoods, battery chargers, cases, and tripod rings are expensive and the next renter expects to receive them. If the order comes back without them we’ll have to charge you for a replacement.

Rental Insurance

Do I need insurance?

You may have coverage through your homeowners, travel, or business insurance, your policy may actually have a separate clause for photography equipment. We suggest you check with your company. Even if you are covered through this type of insurance, however, the excess may be quite high, often $500 or $1,000 dollars.
If you aren’t sure, or are uncomfortable with the cost of repairing a lens if you damage it, you might want to consider renters insurance.

What’s the advantage of carrying renters insurance?

Simplicity and peace of mind.
If you aren’t insured and damage a lens, we have to charge you the cost of repair which may be expensive.
You may have to fight your homeowner’s policy for reimbursement, etc.
If you’re insured with renters insurance we bill you the excess if the lens is damaged. You’ll never hear about it again. Everything else is between Rent-a-Lens and the insurance company. No paperwork, waiting for an insurance check, etc.

To be honest, it gives us some peace of mind too. We’re a customer oriented business and want every single customer to think we’re great. The last thing we want to do is haggle for two months over how much a repair cost, why the customer can’t pay for the lens for 3 weeks, etc. After your rental, we want you telling your friends “these guys were great” not “it will take me months to pay for the lens I dropped”.

How much does it cost?

The price varies according to the value of the lens, the term of the rental and known cost of repairs. Rental rates with and without insurance are shown with each lens.

What does the renter’s insurance cover?

Renter’s insurance covers repair of a lens should it be damaged while in your possession. If this happens, you will be responsible only for paying an excess (10% of the lens’ retail value). Without renter’s insurance you are responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing a damaged lens.

Example:  You rent a lens that has a value of $1,000 and do NOT purchase the rental insurance.  You then damage the lens while you are renting it and the lens requires repairs totalling $300.  You are responsible for the entire $300.

Example:  You rent a lens that has a value of $1,000 and DO purchase the rental insurance.  You then damage the lens while you are renting it and the lens requires repairs totalling $300.  You are responsible for paying the excess of $100 ($1,000 x 10%).

Please note water damage is considered negligence by the insurer and is not covered as damage. If you plan on using the lens near water, please realise that if the lens falls in the water you are NOT covered.

How do I find out what the excess is on a given lens?

The excess is 10% of the current retail value. You can email us about a specific lens and we’ll let you know exactly what the excess would be on that lens.

What isn’t covered?

This is a damage policy; the lens may be a total write off, but there must be enough remains left to identify it as our lens – the serial number, etc. Basically anything short of being run over by a train should leave enough remains to identify. Loss of the lens by misplacing it or theft is not covered under this policy. You may have coverage for theft or loss with your homeowners policy or by photographer’s insurance.

Is there coverage outside of Australia?

The insurance covers damage wherever it occurs – as long as we have been notified before the trip where the lens will be going and approved it.

What if I damage the lens?

Let us know immediately. Our contract states if the lens is broken you are responsible either for replacing it or paying for repairs. Minor damage is repaired at Canon Australia and we will charge you the actual repair cost, no more than that. If it is not repairable, we’ll charge you the cost of a used lens of comparable quality. We do not charge you a new lens price to replace a used lens like most camera store rentals. We also do not charge you rental while the lens is being repaired as long as you let us know about damage before you send the lens back.

What do you consider damage?

Any scratches or scuff marks on the glass, impact damage to the mechanicals (failure to autofocus, inability to zoom or focus), water or moisture damage.
Minor scuff marks to the barrel or hood are considered normal use, not damage.
If you tell us “it just stopped working” we’ll use Canon Australia as arbitrators. If they say “water damage” or “impact damage”, you are responsible.

How do you know the lens wasn’t damaged in shipping?

Simple rule: Box not damaged, lens is damaged: It’s not the shipping.


Can I reserve a lens?

We will be happy to reserve a lens for rentals of 1 week or more. To reserve a lens, simply indicate this in the “Comments” section of the checkout page. We will confirm that we have the lens available and send you an email confirming your reservation within 24 hours. Your credit card will not be charged until your order is ready to ship. You’ll receive a second email telling you we have shipped your lens.

Please plan on getting the lens a day before you absolutely must have it to allow for shipping irregularities. We promise to ship your lens, scheduled to arrive at the day you tell us you need it. After that it’s out of our control.

Let us be very clear here: If you must have it by the 19th, absolutely must, then please ask for the rental to start on the 18th. We repeat: WE CANNOT CONTROL THE WEATHER, AIRPORT CLOSINGS, EVEN ACCIDENTS INVOLVING DELIVERY TRUCKS. THESE THINGS HAPPEN. Please ladies/gents, allow an extra day or two for possible problems.

When does my rental period begin and end?

Rental begins day of delivery for immediate orders. For reservations, the rental period begins on the reservation day, even if the lens arrives early

When is my credit card charged?

We debit your card once the equipment is packed in the box and on its way out.

Can I take the lens out of Australia?

The terms of the rental are that the equipment does not leave Australia. However, we will make exceptions if you notify us in advance and the location is reasonably safe. The lens must be delivered to and returned from an Australian address. Remember, though, lenses are targets for theft and you are responsible for loss. Our insurance policy will insure the lens against breakage, BUT NOT THEFT.


All packages will require a signature on delivery!

We ship with Startrack.

Equipment is shipped in Pelican/Storm Cases.

What are shipping costs?

For single lens orders the shipping costs are listed on the individual item pages. In some situations, it’s possible to pack multiple smaller items into a single larger box, in which case your total shipping price is reduced. With few exceptions (notably large lenses). It is possible to save on shipping by ordering several items together.

All shipping prices are return shipping.

How long until you ship my lens?

We ship same day if order is received before 10:00 am for repeat customers. New customer orders shipping to an address other than the credit card billing address may take 24 hours to verify. You can speed the process if you provide a listed phone number of the shipping address in the special instructions box, i.e.”I’m shipping to my office, ABC corp. whose phone number is <listed number>”.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping usually takes 1 - 3 days.
Remember no shipping takes place Saturday or Sunday so an order placed on Thursday will arrive Monday. Someone will need to sign for the lens when it arrives, so if you cannot be home then expect your lens to be held at your local Post Office.

Is faster shipping available?

We ship with Startrack which normally take one day but in some cases if you live outside their distribution network Startrack will hand the parcel to Australia Post and it can take up to 3 days for a delivery. However, we will ship Australia Post Express if requested for a 1 day delivery.

Since AusPost Express can be expensive we will call/email you a shipping quote.

Can you ship to my hotel or resort?

Only if you’re willing to place a deposit for the value of the lens. Hotels take no responsibility for anything missing from their baggage room, etc. If you’re confident with the Hotel etc. and  you’re willing to take the risk (and place the deposit) we’ll do it.

How do returns work?

It's easy!  Inside the bag you will find a prepaid return shipping bag and a manifest plus copy of the manifest.

Place the box in the return addressed Australian air Express bag and seal it.

Call Startrack and request a driver to pick up.

Sign the manifest and hand it to the Startrack driver and let him sign you copy of the manifest as proof of your delivery or you can hand it in at your local Post Office but they usually won't sign so you have no proof of handing it in.

Instructions and phone number will be send with your invoice.

Can I pick up lenses in person?

In-person pickups are available if you ring us beforehand.
We are an Internet based shipping operation, if you want to pick up you'll still need to place your order online. 

What if I want to rent an item for a weekend?

Minimum rental period is 4 days.

What if I want to rent for more than 30 days?

We offer 3 to 6 month leases. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to work with you.

Do you ship outside Australia?

Unfortunately customs duties, shipping costs, and legal issues make this impossible.

Do you sell used equipment?

Yes we do.

Please ring us.

What if I want something you don’t carry?

Please email us. If we have two or three requests for an item, we’re likely to add it.

Will I need to clean the lens prior to shipment?

No.  In fact we prefer that you leave the cleaning to us, since improper cleaning can lead to damage.

Is my return shipment insured?

Your return shipment is automatically insured provided you use our prepaid return label.

Why do I need to prepay the return shipping cost?

Prepaying allows us to generate the return shipping label for you with the proper class of service, address, weight, and postage.  This saves you time and reduces the chance of a mistake being made during the shipment process, and saves you money by using our insurance policy.

What do I need to do to the lens before returning it?

Nothing. Just return it safe and sound and we’ll take care of cleaning the lens in preparation for the next photographer. Please be sure to pack the caps, hood and lens collar along with the lens.