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Feisol 3441 CF
Medium Duty

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The Feisol CT-3441S Traveler Class tripod is the ideal tripod when light weight(Carbon fiber) and compact folded size are desired.  The legs are designed to fold upward by 180 degrees for the absolute smallest possible folded size.  The resulting folded length is only 43cm.  This makes the Feisol Traveler Class tripod small enough to fit in many camera bags and backpacks, as well as standard size carry-on bags for airline travel.  


In spite of its ultra compact size, the standard two-piece telescoping center column permits the CT-3441S extends to 178cm.  This combination of ultra compact size, lightweight and generous maximum height is unique to the CT-3441S Traveler.  There are no other tripods on the market that are this tall, yet fold up this small. This makes the Traveler Series the ideal camera support system for the photographer on the go.

Note:  Does not include tripod head, which can be rented separately.




Max Load(kg): 10

Hight(cm): 178 extended

Folded Lenght(cm): 43

Weight(kg): 1.00